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An open letter to anybody who's failing to make money online and is ready to pull their hair out and scream WITH SHEER frustration...

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And he's about to hand you 10 explosive,
proven "instant cash" plug n play campaigns that have generated

… and they're ready to deliver you immediate cash-money commissions TODAY

Best part: Not only are you being given wickedly-effective, ALREADY profitable campaigns, you'll even be shown EXACTLY how to make them work, live on video

Keep watching to see exactly how you can get your hands on this killer cash cow and carve off a fat slice of the profit pie for yourself... and hurry - time is strictly limited.


… if you're looking for some story about a stripper, or a bad actor reading jacked-up lies off an autocue, this is NOT for you.


… if you'd like to be able to make real money from skills you probably already have, what we're about to share is most likely the exact thing that's been holding you back.

You see, to surgically remove embarrassingly large sums of cash from the internet – we mean real, spendable dough that hits your bank account like a howitzer shot of raw money - you need to be able to do 3 simple things.

Wanna know what they are?

1- You need to be able to copy

2- You need to be able to paste

3- You need to be able to smile all the way to the bank



Okay, that's really two steps... but believe me, the third one will be your favorite.

And yes, there's a catch – and we'll explain exactly what it is in a moment...

… but it really can be that simple to create your own private cash bonanza.

All the link building, site creating, fighting for traffic, wondering how to turn the traffic into money, learning to write copy, getting a list together, finding jv partners, keyword research, finding a niche, building a site, getting it ranked...

God it never stops does it? Just goes on and on.

Well, we hate to say this, but bottom line, that's the reality of making money online... you just have to put your ass on the line and DO this stuff...

… UNLESS you have some kind of little-known shortcut.

So seriously, wouldn't you rather skip all that – just speed right past the misery of all that time consuming nonsense and get directly to the part where you're cranking out the moolah?

Of course you would... anybody in their right mind would...

… and that's what we've got for you today.

And sure, this is where there's supposed to be some kind of outrageous story... how we stole something from somebody, did some kind of shady deal...

… yadda yadda - YAWN.

I mean, who cares?

If you're looking for a riveting story, go buy a movie ticket.

But if you want to know how to make enough money to change every day of your life from today, keep watching.

You DO want to make money right?

You want to quit your job, afford the nicer things in life, and maybe have some more free time, don't you? Travel the world, experience things that normal people just don't get to see?

And you want all that right now, today?

We own OfferMobi.com – the largest Mobile Affiliate network in the world.

Yes, we own it, the whole thing.

So we know a thing or two about making serious money as an affiliate – after all, we've got a ringside seat as the smartest guys in the world make millions through my network...

… but aside from that, we've got a massive ace up our sleeve – something that makes us the ultimate go-to guy's to tell you about cashing in on a massive overlooked goldmine.

We're talking about mobile marketing.

You see, OfferMobi.com is a MOBILE affiliate network...

… so us and our staff are right there at the cutting edge, watching everything unfold first-hand.

If you're not yet involved in mobile marketing, this is the best time to get involved.


Because this thing is bigger than the internet...

And making money on mobile is like taking candy from a baby, because almost everybody is overlooking it.

There are literally fat buckets of cash waiting, with your name on.

You know how it's super hard to make money from regular affiliate marketing?

All the niches are totally saturated and overpromoted... paid traffic is so expensive it's almost a joke, and there's almost no way to find worthwhile traffic for free...

… well, that's not the case with mobile marketing.

This thing is WIDE OPEN.

… and you can make a sharp, quick killing before breakfast.

Think about it logically for a second:

How many people do you know with a cellphone?

10? 20? 50?

Well, they're all potential customers.

And no, you don't have to sell them anything.

And you don't have to worry about building sites or anything like that either.

It's all copy and paste, remember?

Here's how it works:

They're simple, proven, and they WORK.

All you need to do is spend 3-5 minutes setting up each campaign, and you're done.

After that, it's all about sitting back and making money.

And we're talking about serious money too – not that nickel and dime junk that some people are trying to force on you.

Here's some proof from the ACTUAL campaigns you'll be getting:

These things were still making $2,000.00 a day, right up until now.

… and now you're going to be doing the same.

Sounds too simple doesn't it – too good to be true?

Well, let me explain EXACTLY what you'll need to do with these campaigns:

And that'll take you something between 3 and 5 minutes – at least, that's how long it takes most people.

Once you've got a campaign set up and it's making a profit, you can basically just leave it to run.

Which means you're free to crank up another, and another.

In fact, you're getting 10 of them...

… and there's nothing at all stopping you from firing up all of them at once, and really bringing home the money.

In all the tests ourselves and our team have done, these combined campaigns averaged between $100.00 and $700.00 a day EACH.

Those are average numbers, so some of the campaigns were lower, some were higher... but in total they were making around $2,000.00 a day.

That would be pretty cool, right?

Well, that's just the start – because even if the first campaign makes you just fifty bucks a day – you're just 5 minutes away from getting the second one up and running...

… and then the third, and the fourth... and so on.

Believe me, it's just an hour or two of simple copying and pasting before you can have all 10 of these fired up and spitting cash at you.

And don't worry – there's no “magic” software in sight.

We're not going to tell you all you need to do to make money is push a button on some special box or something like that.

And this isn't the kind of thing where we're going to tell you to crank out a bazillion sites a day, just to make a buck or two from each one.


Not some lame-ass scheme where everything is so complicated and involved that even the world's smartest guy couldn't make a profit.

We're too busy for things to be complicated. we want to make money, and we want it yesterday.

We don't have time to throw together a ton of sites and hope each one makes some tiny amount of cash.

In fact, do you know what really happens with all that stuff?


Big, fat, PAINFUL nothing.

Why is it painful?

Because you'll have paid through the nose, and then wasted hours and hours of your time only to have your hopes and dreams brutally SHATTERED.

Oh and those “magic” pieces of software you're always hearing about?

Those are just blog generators. Very simple pieces of software that any programmer can put together for less than a hundred dollars...

This stuff is laughable, and you're being flat out LIED to.

Instead of getting tied up with all that, wouldn't you rather just copy and paste my proven campaigns, and use them to gouge out your own big chunk of that fifteen billion dollar cash cow?

Think about it – once you've got them set up, they're DONE.

They can make you money, indefinitely, and you have nothing else to do.

So you're out, living your life, having fun, and they're making you money 24/7.

Basically. these proven five-figure campaigns will work hard so you don't have to.

The most you'll have to do all day is check into your account to see how much money you automatically banked the day before.

You're thinking, “yeah that's great, these campaigns will kick ass... but how long will they last?”

After all, there's no point in getting something that's only going to work for the next 10 minutes is there?

Well don't worry – me and my team of highly paid experts spent a VERY long time selecting you the campaigns with the longest shelf life...

… so don't worry, these campaigns will be good for a long while yet.


The truth is, that doesn't matter.

It wouldn't matter if every single campaign fizzled out by this time next week.

Why not?

That's no exaggeration, because on top of the 10 killer instant cash campaigns you're getting, you'll also get access to our devastating new Mobile Affiliate Profits video course...

… and in there, you'll see exactly how to bust down the door into the world of mobile profits, and fill your pockets time and time again.

Essentially… we're going to give you the keys to the goldmine.

You see, we don't believe in just giving you a fish, or teaching you to fish, or however that dumb saying goes...

we're showing you the shortcuts behind catching the biggest fish you ever saw... and then we're handing you the special tools you need to do it – fancy rod, big ass boat...

… and then we're giving you the deeds to the Goddamn LAKE.

Truth is, even WITHOUT the Instant Cash campaigns, there's enough in this course for you to set up an INSANE income, very quickly and easily...

… but we figured we'd make it super easy for you, so you just need to copy and paste your way to profit.

Here's a glimpse at the specific things we're going to unleash:


The secret to quickly and easily creating your first INSANELY profitable mobile campaign using nothing but hyper-simple copying and pasting
The secret to quickly and easily creating your first INSANELY profitable mobile campaign using nothing but hyper-simple copying and pasting
How to slice your way through all the crap you're used to hearing, and zip straight to where the real traffic is...
How to use insider language to get bigger payouts and better conditions from your affiliate network (nobody knows about this stuff, but it happens every day – and we'll show you how)
Why a notepad and pen can be your ultimate secret weapon (seriously, with our inside info, you'll MURDER your competitors with just this)
How to whack the afterburners into overdrive and INSTANTLY get more clicks – more clicks equals more money, so you're going to want to pay attention to Module 5, okay?
The never-usually-revealed facts behind easily upping your profits having campaigns that are lazer-guided toward where the fat seams of cash are
How to have an insanely profitable online business where you can write your own paycheck and cash in on one of the biggest, most wide open cash opportunities the world has ever seen.

Sounds pretty cool right?

Don't you think it's time you skipped the months and YEARS of painful, EMBARRASSING failure, and instead start ripping down serious cash and proving all the doubters wrong?

You know what we're talking about – people never believe you about this online stuff do they? They tell you you're wasting your time, it'll never pan out, all that guff...

You see, we've taken everything we've learned from owning one of the world's largest affiliate networks, and broken it down into a super short, hyper simple explosive success formula.

And we're not talking about dirty tricks, or quasi-legal tactics, or anything like that.

You'll discover the exact step-by-step process for taking the mobile marketing world by storm with every single campaign you set up.

We can't promise you'll get rich, but we can't promise you won't, either...

You see, all this stuff isn't just theory to us – even though we own a network, we're down in the trenches every day, hustling, and making crazy amounts of money.

Why are we still doing that?

Well, the answer to that is simple.

It's so easy – there's so much money out there that we can't possibly NOT do it.

Of course you would.

And it's the same here.

Yes, the network brings in great money.

But to be honest, it's so much fun setting up monster campaign after monster campaign, it's almost like a game to us. A hobby.

It really is like shooting fish in a barrel, when you get it going right.

Except it's a tiny barrel. And you've got a shotgun.

And we'll show you exactly how to supercharge your online efforts, so you can do that, too.

Here's some more of what you're learning:


How to get rich by sending text messages – for free!
Two of the most killer traffic sources that will give you everything you need – traffic will never be a problem for you ever again. Seriously – EVER.
How to turn the whole thing into long-term profits – wouldn't you prefer to get paid over and over, instead of just once? we know we do.
The quick and easy mindset tactic you can use to “trick” yourself into getting a profitable campaign
What you need to do right away to make sure your profits increase EVERY day, even if you're just promoting the same thing to the same traffic...
How to make money by generating PHONECALLS from your affiliate ads... don't worry, they're not calling you, it's just the same as somebody clicking a link and visiting an affiliate site – but WAY more profitable
How to pick killer affiliate offers that'll inject easy money into your pockets 24/7/365 – and let's face it, it's much more fun to make money easily, right?

You're going to be able to bust through the ranks of guys that just can't quite make it, and accelerate smoothly into profit - - probably faster than you'd believe, if you weren't experiencing it for yourself.

And if you're thinking that it's all going to be about finding a zillion different ways to drive traffic, build lists, or any of that lame stuff...

… well, don't forget, we already agreed to skip all that and get right to the money.

Well, that's what this whole thing is designed for – to let regular people get ahead by handing them all the tricks and closely-guarded insider secrets they need to dominate in the mobile marketing game.

The kind of tricks that most people miss out on... it's like a secret weapon for taking your current income and pumping it so full of steroids you'll probably need an ATM fitted in your living room.

And the world of Mobile is still so wide open, it really doesn't take much for you to make an absolute killing.

You see, through our own network, we get to see what WORKS. Not theory, not guesswork – just the stuff that brings in the dough, day in, day out...

… and we're about to inject that exact same level of knowledge directly into your brain.

You'll be so clued up about this stuff, it'll hard for you not to LAUGH when you see what other people are doing to try and make money – seriously, some of their attempts will be laughable...

… and the whole time you'll be cleaning up – eating everybody's lunch, and smiling while you do it... not to mention still managing to keep most of your time free.

Sure, you could spend all day every day doing it if you wanted to... and you'd probably make absolutely insane amounts of cash.

But if you're not looking to make tens of thousands a week, you could probably quite easily double or triple your current income in no more than a few hours of doing this.

We're not kidding – and we know it sounds extravagant – but you have to understand something...

… right now, you're getting in at the start – the ground floor – of something that's only going to get bigger.

Think about it – mobile phones aren't going anywhere.

If anything, numbers are going to continue to soar – as technology advances, they'll get smaller and smaller, and gradually be able to TOTALLY replace your computer...

… I mean, they've practically done it now. Can you imagine what it's going to be like in 5 years? Or 10?

It'll be insane...

… but you'll have been there all along, right since the get go. Setting up profitable campaign after profitable campaign, just by following the simple videos we're about to unleash on you.

And those videos are going to unveil hard hitting secrets like:

How to use our KILLER tactics to build a list of hungry buyers and AUTOMATICALLY turn them into your own personal ATM.
The 4 things you MUST do, or watch everything get flushed down the John time and again...
Our own insider's secret behind spotting a winning campaign even if it isn't yet making money (and believe me, these “sleepers” can blow up huge in very little time)
The little-known secret behind getting ADWORDS to deliver you a ton of almost free traffic – seriously – and we know you're worried about high cost per click and things like that... but with this legal trick, Google will hardly ever charge you – sounds crazy we know – you'll have to see it to believe it.
What you need to do long-term to tweak everything and virtually guarantee your paydays are always increasing...
How to make sure you get paid – we've all heard the horror stories of people not being paid or having funds held or whatever – we'll tell you EXACTLY what to say, from an owner's point of view, to make sure you ALWAYS get yours
PLUS – you'll also get our Quick Start Guide – go here, do this, then do that. Check your stats, then do THAT. It's that simple.


In a few minutes from now, you'll have access to your Instant Cash Campaigns...

… and we can't legally GUARANTEE that you'll make money with them... so all we can say is that right up until yesterday, these campaigns were making money for us – every single one of them.

So let's just say you've got your campaigns, and by tomorrow you've made a nice profit... and by the day after you're making even more.

And then, in a week's time, you decide you want to make more money...

… so you go through my Video Course, and come up with a few hard-hitting campaigns of your own, each as profitable as the ones we're giving you.

And then every day you're seeing your income growing.

Can you imagine that? Can you imagine logging in to your account and seeing a little more money each day?

Believe me, when you get something like that set up, it's really not too long until you're able to take charge of your life and quit your job. Weeks, at the most.

And you know what that means, right?

That means TIME.

When you don't have to worry about scurrying to an office or punching a clock every day – well, suddenly the world gets a LOT more exciting, because you've got the time to enjoy it.

You're free to do whatever you want – you can travel, visit exotic places all over the world, spend more time with your family and friends, anything you want.

When you have a mostly passive income like this, the world literally becomes your oyster – you can do what you want.

And sure, the freedom is great – and it's our personal favorite thing about this kind of income – but do you know what else is just amazing to experience?


After all, times are hard. Lots of people are losing their jobs, their homes... all kinds of bad things are happening because of this poor economy...

Wouldn't you like to have an independent income, so you can ALWAYS write your own paycheck, and know that you'll be raking it in whatever happens?

You see, it's true that money can't buy happiness – but it CAN free you up from everyday life so you can pursue happiness in ways that regular people simply can't

The truth is, the life of the hyper-successful online marketer (which is what Mobile Affiliate Profits can help you be) is COMPLETELY different from the kind of life that other people lead.

Where else can you make an unlimited amount of money, and have it rolling it no matter where you are or what you do?

And sure, right now you may feel frustrated and confused. Maybe you're tired of that old life – truth is, most people's lives don't pan out anywhere close to how they wanted.

To be blunt, that's what you're looking at here – a way for regular people, with no special skills or experience, to break free of the struggles of normal life and finally experience real success.

You'll finally get to be the guy in the hot car that everybody stares at – the guy in the big house who NEVER seems to work.

And you know, it's kinda cheesy to say it, but there's something amazing about being able to prove all those people wrong – you know who we're talking about, the ones who keep telling you to quit this online crap and get a real job.

Well, once you've got something like this on your side, you really can jam your success right in their face.

Hey, might be childish, but it's a great feeling.

So now, you've probably realized that we're not about to give this thing to you for free...

… so let us ask you, how many thousands of dollars do you think it's worth?

Let us put it another way – you've already seen how these campaigns have made as much as $60,578.00 a month, right?

So lemme ask you –

… how much would you be prepared to pay for it?

Ten thousand dollars?


Let's face it – even if you paid an INSANE figure like that, it would still be a bargain – because in 2 or 3 months, it would have EASILY paid for itself, and all the cash would be pure profit.

Makes sense right?

Well, that's exactly what you're looking at here – only we're not about to ask you for twenty grand.

After all – who has twenty thousand bucks lying around?

You see, that's our other concern – we know that there are tons of people out there that are seriously broke – maybe they don't make much money from their day job, or they've racked up a ton of debt chasing the crazy dreams that have been promised by all those shady “magic” software products... whatever.

To be honest, we want to help as many of those people as possible, because we know a lot of them are just one lucky break away from really making it in this business.

So we're going to make you a pretty unbelievable, frankly insane deal on this, right here, right now.

If you move right now, you can get our KILLER Mobile Affiliate Profits course, and those hyper-valuable $60,587.00 a month Instant Cash campaigns for just...

Yes, we've arranged a great price for you – but we also want you to know that we've totally got your back here...

… so we're going to cover you with a quite frankly ridiculous guarantee:

we call it our One Campaign Guarantee – and here's how it works:

If you're not in a position for this whole thing to pay for itself and make you a ton of cash after your VERY FIRST CAMPAIGN, let us know, and you get an instant, no questions refund...

… and that lasts for a whole 56 days – 8 entire weeks. If you're not happy with the campaigns, the money you're making, or anything else, let us know inside that 2 month period, and we'll personally arrange for you to get your money back, quickly and without question.



Six Extra LIVE Training Sessions

Listen, we know what it's like when you buy most new money making systems...

Questions come up, but there's nobody there to give you answers and help keep you moving.

Well, that's not the case here. Because we've got your back. After all, your success means our success.

To make sure you hit the ground running and keep the momentum going, we'll be have six LIVE training webinars.

These are totally interactive. You get to ask questions PLUS- you get to see the NEWEST high converting offers coming into Offermobi.

That means you get the first insider access to offers nobody else knows about.

You also get to discover the newest methods for driving hoards of traffic to the mobile CPA offers. And that means depositing fat sacks of cash in the bank!

VALUE- $1192.00


Guaranteed Approval Into Offermobi

One of the biggest problems with a lot of affiliate marketing systems these days is getting network approval. Most CPA networks will NOT let you become an affiliate unless you already have a proven track record.

Do you know how difficult it is to get approved in a standard ole' CPA Network or Affiliate network like Commission Junction? It can be virtually impossible these days.

Try a mobile affiliate network - well guess what, they don't even exist... Except for Offermobi

Not fair we know, but that's the way it works.

Well, unlike most affiliate training where you must eventually get approved by the affiliate networks, you are instantly approved into Offermobi when you sign up today.

This is PRICELESS because you can't even get into ole' fashioned CPA networks -these days!

Since we own the network, you get a BIG YES, YOU ARE APPROVED!



Win An All Expenses Paid

Trip To New York City!!

We want YOU to come visit us in New York. So we're having an affiliate contest to make this happen!

Here's how this works...

Any new Offermobi affiliate that makes the most in commissions from us between July 27 2011 to September 27 2011 will be declared the winner.

We will fly you out on a Thursday. Then on Friday you will spend the day with us learning all our best mobile super affiliate secrets.

This will be a complete immersion experience so you can go home armed with the best money making information out there.

But, we also want you to have some fun...

So on Saturday anything goes. You get to paint NY red and have a blast on our dime.

You can go to a Broadway show...

Party till the cows come home...

Eat at a fine restaurant (or a hot dog stand:)

People watch in Times Square...

Anything you want to do!

The complete rules are posted at the bottom of his page.


That makes this whole thing a ridiculous no-brainer – you can try it out right now, and if it doesn't do everything we've promised you here, then you get your money back. No harm, no foul, and no hard feelings.

And believe us, we're not making that claim lightly – we just KNOW that this stuff will make money for anybody who gives it a shot.

Now, earlier we promised you an insane low price with this – and we weren't kidding at all.

Nope – no joke, no tricks.

Just forty seven dollars, and you're in.

You're just forty seven dollars and about ten minutes away from getting your first campaign up and ready to go...

… and don't forget, if that campaign doesn't make you money, we'll give you YOUR money back.

But listen, you really do need to move fast.

This isn't one of those things that's still going to be hanging around in a few months – or even a few weeks – because yes, we want to help other people, but we want to make money myself too...

… so we don't want everybody in the world knowing the secrets behind my most profitable campaigns, you know?

Because of that, we've got a set number in mind. As soon as that many people hit the members area, BOOM, the door's going to slam closed, forever.

Then it'll just be ourselves and my select few insiders, making a killing with the campaigns we give them, and the secrets we teach.

And remember – you've gotten to this point for a reason. Something's been missing from your moneymaking efforts so far, hasn't it?

Well, this is your missing link, and it's ready to make you money as simply as copying and pasting.

So grab it now, while you can.

And think about this – the fact that you're here, watching this, means you KNOW you need something else – some kind of help.

After all, if you've been trying to make extra money all this time, without success, then common sense should tell you you need to try something different right?

Well here it is: what could be more different, and more likely to actually make you some cash than simply copying and pasting our killer campaigns?

Yes, the very same campaigns that were making me money up until a day or two ago, when we deactivated them to save them for you.

But that can't happen unless you take action – and, realistically, if you don't move on this immediately, you're probably going to miss out forever.

So hit the button below...

… and don't come crying back to us if you leave it too late, and come back to this page in a few hours to find nothing but a big CLOSED sign. Like this...

Do it now, while you can – every second counts here:

Just $47!


Oh and earlier we promised to let you know what the catch was, didn't we?

Well, yes, this is an AMAZING opportunity – but the truth is, you're going to need to invest about ten bucks to get started.

That's all, and ten dollars should be enough to get you into your first profits.

If you don't have a ten spot to spare right now, then we're very sorry, but this isn't for you.

But if you have a handful of singles in your wallet, some change stuffed into the pocket of your jeans, whatever – it could change EVERYTHING for you...

… so go ahead and hit that button right now.

Your new life is waiting for you.







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